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Friday, September 9, 2016

Dedicated to each testers around the world - Happy Tester's Day !!!

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Happy Testers day

Do you have any Idea on the importance of September 9 in a software tester’s life? Well, we will stop using our common term “bug” or “debug” and speak about the influential woman associated with this date.

Every day is Tester's Day for sure, but it's nice to have a day of our own, a special day that can bring all the testers around the world to share, collaborate and feel proud to be one.

Well! September 9 is celebrated as the World Tester's day.

The History

It was on September 9, 1947, that an American computer scientist and United States Navy Rear admiral Grace Murray Hopper noticed the first ever computer bug while working on the Harvard Mark II computer. Soon she traced a moth stuck between a relay in the machine. The first actual case of a “bug” was thus discovered.

The First Bug
The work they performed required some description, and the word had been found – «debugging» (literally: disposal of an insect) – and now it is used to describe the process of identifying and eliminating bugs which cause a computer to malfunction. The removed insect was pasted into the computer log with the entry: “First actual case of bug being found”, and was then transferred to the computer museum.

Since then, the process of identifying and removing bugs from computers was called testing. Subsequently “The Tester” – a completely new profession arose to meet this task.

Now a day's that has grown to a pretty big profession. Now there are Test Analysts, Test Engineers, Quality Analysts, Integration Test Engineers, Software Testers, Systems Integration Testers, Quality Assurance Analysts, Technical Test Specialists…and so on. The interesting fact is that all these designations have risen from a single BUG!

As every one knows, now software testers play with bugs and ensure that the computer software is flawless and of a high quality. Developers may view them as enemies but in reality, they have to thank testers for finding the bugs!! and making them appreciable for releasing a quality product at the end.

Testers don’t break software, software is already broken :)

Testers play a crucial role indirectly in website development by finding the bugs and making sure that everything is in proper working condition.

Hey guys and gals who are into Testing, Today is our day! Come let's celebrate !!!

Let this be our slogan, We do #lovetesting :)