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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Let me introduce myself to you.

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Hey ,

My name is Anuraj.S.L. I am a Software Test Engineer. So now the next question is Manual or Automation ! Well let me tell you, I don't classify testing into two. For me there is only one type of testing and that is 'Testing' it selves.  Let me explain with an example. All of us love to have food. Food is also categorized as Veg and Non-veg. But each are equally important.  So is the case with testing. All are testing where human efforts are needed to a great extend. I hope I am not making you confused :) .

Do you know why I am in to this profession? Actually this is not a profession for me. It's just a part of my passion. Proudly, I will say that I am a passionate tester. I am always in love with bugs. Some people call me as Bug hunter, some call me in some other nicknames, any ways the purpose of this context is to let you all know, Who am I ? What is me ? etc...etc...
You will find answers for all these questions through my future posts.

Be here for testing related things. I am here to share with you, my day to day testing experience and learn from your valuable comments. This section is completely for me, but always remember that the 'Comments' section below is always for you, for us. We can talk, discuss, quarrel ( :P ) on things that we find we should discuss here. I welcome you all to be here at your free times to have fun and of-course I will be delightful if you could get something to update to your data bank from here.

Happy Testing !!!